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Hoyt and Sharon

Hoyt and Sharon have been married more than thirty years and have survived the successful raising of five children. After twenty years in the Army, and achieving a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Hoyt has spent the past two decades providing relationship counseling and coaching to the people in the Albuquerque metro area. He helped found Lighthouse Christian Counseling in Albuquerque, supervised a veteran and family clinical program, and served a short stint with the Veterans Administration in Santa Fe. In addition to his Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Hoyt also holds a Masters degree in Ministry from Pepperdine University. Both he and Sharon are life-long members of Restoration churches, most recently serving ten years as an Elder couple at a local Church of Christ before coming to Covenant as their Pastor.

We believe God loves all people, and desires that we return to him as people transformed into his likeness. It is in living this transformed life that we are freed from those things that cause us worry, anger, and despair. Rather than being overly concerned about ourselves, we are released to care for and pour our lives into the good of others. God and Jesus lead us in this direction and it is in them – in accepting and believing them – that we enjoy the goodness of God and the presence and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We do not begin this journey to transformation as whole people, but as people who need to shed our own wills, and grow step by step into more complete Spirit-filled God-followers as our faith and our trust grow. We set our minds and our wills on becoming like Jesus in the wholeness of our being, and then we grow into that likeness in community with fellow believers and travelers.

 We want our community gatherings to be opportunities to praise God for his faithfulness, to learn about God, gain some instruction in living the life to which God has called us, and to learn to minister to and receive ministry from others. Together we celebrate baptisms and share communion as two central aspects of our spiritual lives together. In our assemblies, we will also sing, pray, share challenges, and study the word of God.

Sharon and I invite you to join us as we explore our calling, learn about and worship our God, and offer support and love to each other. Please come check us out; we’d be thrilled to meet you, and have you meet our folks - they really are wonderful people.

Thanks for visiting our website, please look around a bit. If you have any questions, please contact the church through our contact page, or contact me directly at:

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